Help on writing an article


We currently have nine categories, which are Art & Culture, Diversity & Equality, Europe, Food, History & Politics, Language, Love, Migration and Travel.

You can ask us for more specific topics or assignments, or you can come up with your own suggestion. Please contact one of our editors about your idea before getting started.

Please bear in mind, that we are not a news website, since with the whole translation process we are not able to react fast enough to cover recent developments. Instead, we focus on background stories and features, as well as think pieces and topics of a more general interest.

Stucture of the article


Intreaguing and informative


Short introduction that describes the content of your article in an intreaguing way. It is supposed to make the reader want to find out more about the topic and click on the article.


The text should be split into several paragraphs, to increase readability.
You can incorporate links to sources, additional media such as YouTube videos or Podcasts or to connected MH articles.


If you have suggestions for pictures to illustrate the article, we are always grateful. Please remember, though, that we cannot use pictures without proper licensing! This means, no “pictures you found on the internet somewhere”!

  • If you or someone you know made the pictures, we need a written confirmation, that we can use them. (We have a template for that.)
  • You can look for pictures under a Creative Commons license on the internet, for example here.
  • We have some very talented illustrators at Meeting Halfway, who will be happy to illustrate your text.

Please also provide image captions with your article.